Saturday, June 9, 2007

Black Majesty - Tomorrowland 2007 Review

Black Majesty - Tomorrowland
Limb Music 2007

One of my most anticipated albums for 2007, Black Majesty's latest opus 'Tomorrowland' does not disappoint. The strong name they have made for themselves will be strengthened with their third album continuing on from the excellent 'Silent Company'. The progression shown from 'Sands Of Time' to 'Silent Company' is also evident with 'Tomorrowland'. You won't find any major differences in style throughout the 3 albums. Black Majesty are a speed driven melodic metal band with Queensryche and Iron Maiden tendencies, and nothing has changed in that respect. But I have found a couple of areas where the band have stepped up since 'Silent Company'.

Guitarists Stevie and Hanny are a formidable axe combo, but finally I think I'm actually hearing them 'shred'. Make no mistake, the work they did on their previous albums has been killer, it just seems to me that the soloing is more pronounced and aggressive. A big thumbs up in my book. Perhaps Endel Rivers, producer, should take some of the credit there as everything sounds crystal clear once again, allowing each instrument and member to shine through. One both 'Sands Of Time' and 'Silent Company', though the music is excellent, my focus was mainly drawn to the exceptional vocals of John Cavaliere.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, he is world class. And as a result sometimes Black Majesty sounded a little like John and and his band, rather than Black Majesty as a whole. On 'Tomorrowland' that is not the case. Whether it is the production or just the growth in maturity and experience of the band I don't know, but whatever it was has done the trick. If I was going to be overly critical it would be that there isn't one particular song, or songs, that stand out, unlike 'Silent Company' which had the incredible title track and the brilliant Jon English cover 'Six Ribbons'. The cover tune chosen this time around is Deep Purple's 'Soldier Of Fortune'. I've never heard the song before so have no reference point, and for me it is a slight let down, but not a major one.

Black Majesty continue to be one of a few consistently good melodic metal bands. Unlike many of the bands in this genre who tend to have the odd miss here and there, Black Majesty should feel proud that they have managed to release 3 excellent albums. Any fan of the band will be pleased with this release.


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