Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kamelot - Ghost Opera 2007 review

Kamelot - Ghost Opera
SPV/Steamhammer 2007

This is a very difficult review for me to right. From the moment 'The Fourth Legacy' was released I have been an ardent Kamelot fan. Every album since then has more than rewarded my faith in their abilities. Then, in 2006, finally comes their first live DVD and my desire to see them on stage grows ten fold. I was actually quite surprised, pleasantly though, when I heard the 'Ghost Opera' would be released. I really wasn't expecting a new studio album so soon. Even if Kamelot put out an album every year I was sure I'd be happy. And that is why this review is hard for me to do. For the first time since i've been a Kamelot fan I am going to use the following word......disappointed.

When you read this review you will most likely have read a number of others that have put 'Ghost Opera' and Kamelot once again at the top of the melodic metal ladder. I'm not denying the Kamelot as a band are one of the best there is in the business, but I honestly do not believe this album is one of their best. Of the past 5 studio albums 'Ghost Opera' is by far the one I have enjoyed the least. 'The Black Halo' was monumental in every area - the songwriting, production, musicianship. As I've said, the band are still amazing musicians and I'm sure there are others who will lap 'Ghost Opera' up. I will not be one of them.

I guess I better state some reasons for my lack of enthusiasm. Things start off reasonably well with 'Rule The World', 'Ghost Opera' and 'The Human Stain', but after that there just isn't the spark or magic that I usually find. One of the most enjoyable elements of a Kamelot album is the variety in the songs, which 'Ghost Opera' does not have a lot of. The production on 'The Black Halo' really kicked my arse, but this time everything feels a little flat. Even stripped back, in a way. And there seems to be a lack of edge to Youngblood's guitar work.

I'm sure most Kamelot fans will think I've gone completely insane to even voice such a dissenting opinion. The fact remains that or this particular Kamelot devotee, 'The Ghost Opera' just doesn't get the juices flowing.


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